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Preen Back Your Lugs! - One4Review

Preen Back Your Lugs!

| On 14, Aug 2013


It is early in the 22nd century and, after World War VII, the only country on earth to survive total devastation is Scotland. This is due to the carpeting of Scotland with wind turbines by Alex Salmond during his years as Scotland’s First Minister a century earlier. The force of the turbine blades has blown all the nuclear fall-out away from Scotland. So begins this ludicrous and very funny comedy – science fiction meeting up with satire.

However, this future Scotland is a divided nation with the English as the leading ethnic minority. The High Chieftain, Alex Almond a midge infected clone of the past First Minister, decrees only Scottish is to be spoken. In response, a group, of English settlers form a movement ‘Think of England’ with the purpose of encouraging couples to procreate as often as possible to maintain their numbers. Almond allows this movement to exist for he has a grand design in mind.

The comedy, though somewhat stereotypical, flows along in words and song and is performed by an excellent cast. Despite the title, most of the dialogue is in recognisable English as most of the scenes do involve the English characters.

The play has Finnish origins being based on a play Swedish Uprising. Through an English translation by Julian Garner, Paul Matthews adaptation gives the script a definite British feel.

Reviewed by Ben

Pleasance Dome; 23

31 July to 25 August 2011 (not 12)

12.25 – 13.45

Fringe Programme Page Number: 312


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