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Laura Levites: Selfhelpless 4Star **** - One4Review

Laura Levites: Selfhelpless 4Star ****

| On 15, Aug 2013

There isn’t much in stature to Laura Levites, but she has had a lot of issues in her life, and a lot of talent and balls to stand up before a room of strangers and talk about them, no holds barred for the duration of her hour.

Clad in a blue dress somewhat reminiscent of Dorothy’s, one of many she purchased in a love affair with eBay, the New York lady with abundant curls tells everyone up front that she is a very unhappy person, something that is an understatement as we learn more of her life. She has tried a variety of things to help her plight.

At first I thought the show was a little loose and unstructured but Laura is not a structured person which comes to light as the tale develops. There are a lot of dark anecdotes in the story, there is pathos, and there is comedy and yes there is education too. I didn’t know the term oneomania for example or many of the conditions Ms Levites is landed with.

But it is not all bad news, she is still with us and what doesn’t kill her seems to make her stronger and as the show headed towards it’s conclusion it seems a brighter future for this compelling comic.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Turret

Until 25 August 14.45 to 15.45


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