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Matt Forde: The Political Party 5 Star ***** - One4Review

Matt Forde: The Political Party 5 Star *****

| On 12, Aug 2013

Matt Forde is a huge politics geek. His is also a very good comic and a pretty good impressionist as well so it is only natural that he mixes all these together in a coalition to present a landslide winner of a show.

Forde has been a staunch labour fan since he was ten, campaigned for them on a number of occasions but does admit to a grudging respect for several non-Labour politicians as well.

I am not the most political animal in the world by any stretch of the imagination but found this a gripping, educational and hilarious performance in almost equal measures.

There is a little audience participation as well, Forde teaches the packed audience the nuances of making parliamentary noises during Prime Ministers question time and soon has the crowd acting as if they were in Westminster.

I did enjoy all aspects of the show but for me the highlights were his impressions. He got them absolutely down so well they could have been in the room with us.

Forde is an engaging comic who presented his well-written show with style and is an absolute must for political animals and even those less of that persuasion to.


Reviewed by Geoff

Until 25 August (not 16)

16.00 to 17.00

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