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Matt Forde Archives - One4Review

Matt Forde: Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right 4****

August 13, 2022 |

Matt Forde : spitting image, have I got news for you, the last leg, the Royal Variety Performance.

Well known, well respected, you know what you get with Matt you get political humour , he’s a lucky guy and who … Read More

Matt Forde:- Brexit Pursued by a Bear 4.5 ****

August 23, 2019 |

For many years now TV and radio political funny man has been stunning his audiences at Edinburgh Fringe with his no nonsense style of satire pointing out the events, flaws and foibles of a whole raft of British and overseas … Read More

Matt Forde : Brexit Through the Gift Shop 4****

August 6, 2018 |

According to Matt, there are only two sides to the political divide in Britain today, and if you are on the opposite side from Matt then you are clearly “f****ing mad”! And to be absolutely fair he makes a very … Read More

Matt Forde: A Show Hastily Rewritten in Light of Recent Events – Again! 5*****

August 9, 2017 |

Going in to this show, I had two questions: 1) is it hastily rewritten, or would it just be repeating his ‘best bits’ from Unspun? Many a comedian does repeat their TV highlights, but it would be a risk for … Read More

Matt Forde- It’s my Political Party and I’ll Cry if I want to 4****

August 11, 2016 |

To paraphrase Charles Dickens ‘It is the best of times, it is the worst of times’ if you are a political comedian and impersonator as Matt Forde is. There is so much going on in the world that the show … Read More

Matt Forde: Get the Political Party Started 4****

August 18, 2015 |


Has there ever been a better time for a political comedian to be around given what has happened over the last 12 months and is to happen in the imminent future? … Read More

Matt Forde – 24 Hour Political Party People 4****

August 9, 2014 |

For someone as overtly into politics as Matt Forde this must be a great year. The official countdown to the next General Election, The Scottish Referendum and not to mention some of the lampoonable politicians that currently inhabit centre stage.

Read More

Matt Forde: The Political Party 5 Star *****

August 12, 2013 |

Matt Forde is a huge politics geek. His is also a very good comic and a pretty good impressionist as well so it is only natural that he mixes all these together in a coalition to present a landslide winner … Read More

Fordy’s Morning Hangover Show

August 13, 2010 |

5 stars *****

There are a lot of shows who cater to the late-night, alcohol consuming, ‘up-for-it’ Fringe attendee.  It’s surely a given that at some point in your Fringe viewing you attend a show that finishes in the early … Read More