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Mick Ferry: Has Been Found Wanting 4 Star **** - One4Review

Mick Ferry: Has Been Found Wanting 4 Star ****

| On 17, Aug 2013

Mick Ferry has been a top name in comedy for years with TV appearances a plenty on his CV, and is a no nonsense style of comedian.

In a strange opening, but a good way of tell everyone a potted history, Ferry has composed and reads his eulogy adding as a caveat that he hopes it doesn’t get read for real for a long, long time.

Launching into his well-written and performed hour Ferry talks a lot about his parents, his kids, his missus and more than a little into his own psyche. The underlying theme is his short comings as a person and certainly as a parent, a thing his kids are prone to point out regularly, but however right this maybe it certainly doesn’t account for his performing abilities. There is no shortfall there that is for sure.

I wonder if this confident Manchurian is in the best timeslot for his show. I would like to see him in a later slot, and maybe in a club rather than a sauna like room, but wherever he is performing the man is total value for money and a class act.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Balcony

Until 25 August

18.15 to 19.15


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