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Princess Pumpalot - One4Review

Princess Pumpalot

| On 23, Aug 2013

4 stars ****

A very enjoyable romp for young children and their parents, Princess Pumpalot has the best of panto mixed in with more traditional childrens’ storytelling. Plenty of energy and visuals help to keep even the youngest audience member attentive and although at some points the story may have been a bit wordy and convoluted for some to follow, it was always visually appealing and with varied characters such as a giraffe and flying goblins (and a headless FAQ!) to keep the interest.

The cast all work hard but are clearly enjoying themselves, the king and queen taking control from the outset with clear and controlled delivery. Princess Pumpalot does what it says on the tin, literally,  and is perfectly cast for the role. Add in the two princes and her friendly servant and you have a good mix of entertaining characters.

Add in some great one-liners for the adults (talking about royal balls etc.) and you have a nicely rounded show, all in all an excellent choice to take the youngsters to.

Review by Alan
The Assembly Rooms
Until 25th August, 11:00-11:50

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