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MommAutism - A Love Story 3*** - One4Review

MommAutism – A Love Story 3***

| On 09, Aug 2014

This was a really interesting and genuinely fascinating show. Jennifer Belander’s son has autism, and this show aims to explain a bit about it as well as being funny. It’s quite successful at both of those, though is definitely stronger on the explaining autism side.

Structurally, she gives a bit of information about the scientific or medical side of autism, coupled with Ms Belander’s experiences of what that actually means when it happens in real life. I could have listened to these examples and explanations for much longer, because Jennifer is clearly passionate about being the best mum she can be for her son, and helping other people understand him is one way of doing that. Her stories are enlightening and a little bit endearing, as well as highlighting how societal structures can make life rather difficult for those who aren’t neuro-typical.

Ms Belander’s delivery isn’t perhaps as smooth and fluent as I believe it could be, and as pure comedy (for which the stars are awarded) its not gold. But taken for what it is, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

Reviewed by Laura

The Newsroom (Venue 93), 15:45

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