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Bec and Tom's Awesome Laundry 5***** - One4Review

Bec and Tom’s Awesome Laundry 5*****

| On 02, Aug 2014

Having seen a preview of this show in another Fringe performance, The Big Breakfast, we were entertained enough to go along and see the whole of Bec and Tom’s Awesome Laundry.

We were not disappointed! From the minute we sat down, we were being entertained! I write this review eight hours after seeing the show and my daughter is still singing about single ladles!

The humour is outstanding, and there is plenty there for the grown ups in the audience, (thankfully it goes straight over the heads of the little ones!). The children had very definite laugh out loud moments, and a little girl in front of me even slid off her chair laughing.

I love watching children laugh with such carefree abandon, and it is an absolute delight being able to take my daughter along to a show where she is able to lose herself within the performance.

The show follows the two best friends Bec and Tom as they go to do their laundry and the antics that they get up to whilst waiting for machine to become free. There is singing, comedy, some very clever prop work with the story book and no shortage whatsoever of pants and fart and bum jokes.

Please take your family to see this, you will not regret it!

Gilded Balloon. 30th July – 12th August. 16th & 17th August, 22nd, 23rd & 24th August.

Reviewed by Kath



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