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Chris Martin - Responsibilliness 4**** - One4Review

Chris Martin – Responsibilliness 4****

| On 16, Aug 2014

No, this is not the Coldplay front man having a career change, far more interestingly ‘our’ Chris Martin is a really funny comic who looks at life, his own in particular, and keenly observes the funnies, works his magic on them an turns this into a very good hour of stand-up.

A self-confessed lover of McDonalds and although he doesn’t eat meat, fillets of fish are okay, Martin notices that employees have between one to four stars dependent on their skill and training. This he equates to the star system given by the likes of me to rate his show, yet he aspires the McDonald rating more, he even has his own badge!!

His observations on his life, he lives in an unusual place, lives with girlfriend and her family restrictions, his damaging nocturnal habits, his career and a delightfully related story in relation to his passion for karaoke and the closing embarrassing story is worth the entrance money alone.

I am not sure if Chris will ever achieve his goal and obtain 4 McDonald stars, but if it is any consolation I am more than happy to award him four of mine.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beside

20.30 to 21.30


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