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The Evolution Will Be Televised 5***** - One4Review

The Evolution Will Be Televised 5*****

| On 21, Aug 2014

Other performers take note: an audience’s response is linked to how well you fulfil expectations. Ms Smurthwaite told us at the start that it wasn’t all going to be funny, but if it wasn’t, we’d be learning. Expert expectation management. (Did you know orang-utans use large leaves as umbrellas?) Someone has also tried to insult Kate by comparing her show to a funny TED talk. But that’s kinda accurate, and not a bad thing if you like to multi-task (laugh and learn). I now know what mitochondria are.

Kate is gleeful in her geekiness and her enthusiasm for sharing the fascinating and interesting stuff she’s learned, about great apes and evolution and natural selection (which makes more sense now). She has an opinion and she’s not afraid to share it (definite proselytising here), but that doesn’t mean she’s not open to discussion and debate and thinking. There’s good-natured audience interaction, and I was impressed by Kate’s digital art skills in representing audience suggestions. A really engaging show.

Reviewed by Laura

Ciao Roma (Venue 283), 20:20

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