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Andrew Bridge: AART 2** - One4Review

Andrew Bridge: AART 2**

| On 15, Aug 2015

This is alternative comedy: it’s advertised as a workshop. It definitely felt like a workshop: venue not conducive to the activity at hand, workshop leader armed with a sheaf of notes and worksheets, and waiting for the stragglers to sort themselves out. We also did some activities in the form of drawings, sculpture and creative visualisation.

I’m willing to allow the notes as props for the purpose of authenticity, since this was the first show, referring to them didn’t interfere with ‘Mikey’s’ performance, and they did in fact add to the workshop atmosphere.

I’m not so sure about the rest. There were a couple of small stand-up routines, hinting at the notion of Mikey (played, I assume, by Andrew Bridge) as a rather naive artist, overcome by the wonder in the world. These snippets were a good start, but more would develop the character and allow for stronger material. And although I enjoyed the exercises, there was no development: what’s happening to the drawings? For what purpose did we sculpt? (Nothing really was done with them comedic-ally)

I like alternative comedy, but it’s not just a case of getting your audience to do some random stuff, there’s got to be some follow through too. A nice premise with promise.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Dropkick Murphy’s, 17:45

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