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Andrew Watts – How to Build a Chap 4**** - One4Review

Andrew Watts – How to Build a Chap  4****

| On 19, Aug 2015

Andrew Watts has the difficult task of performing a show about feminism to a mixed audience. He has to tread a fine line between baffled men and women sick of having things “Mansplained” to them. However tread it he does, with gusto, energy, and plenty of wit.

Watts rattles through a range of topics from toddler torture, explaining inflation in relationship terms, and the differences between dating sites and MumsNet (fewer than you’d think!)

He has plenty to say about gendered toys, reverse relationships, middle age, the dreaded parenting books, and polar bears. Not forgetting grazed knees and a quick nod in Freud’s direction.

Overall, the show has some quite emotional moments, and it sounds like Watts and his wife are doing a pretty good job of parenting a young chap, even if, as parents, they can’t escape the over-thinking trap that we all suffer.

If I have one small niggle, it felt like the show stopped, rather than ended in a rounded off way. But if my experience of parenting is anything to go by, at least he got the chance to finish the senten…


Reviewed by Gill, 18 Aug 2015
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 20:45, 1hr until 30 Aug

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