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Boothby Graffoe With Nick Phynn: Release U Win Tin - One4Review

Boothby Graffoe With Nick Pynn: Release U Win Tin
Boothby Graffoe, not the village in Lincolnshire, but the comedian cum guitar playing silly song singing maestro has for ever it seem been a Fringe favourite and again I won the domestic battle to review this comic genius at Fringe 2006. As last year he is augmented by Nick Pynn on predominantly violin, but also guitar an occasional straight man to Boothby’s fool, and I mean that with no offence intended. This is the usual mix of his crazy stories and self-penned comic ditties, but inspite of having his new toy, a guitar synthesizer to play with, there were slightly less songs than normal. i was glad however to see he has returned to using his strange voices that used to be a trademark, his stories in regard to his pets and moving house just have to be heard. I was pleased to see that his set was gong down so well with the ninety or so crowd at the Stand that when he jokingly threatened to overpower the venue staff and keep on playing, I’m certain we’d all still be there now. Oh and if you want to here more of his music, at long last a new album is available at the venue, and knowing him, you’ll have to persuade him not to sign it!! ****

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