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Fiona O'Laughlin - One4Review

Fiona O’Loughlin tells us that she hails from the largest Irish Catholic family in Australia.  The comings and goings of these various family members form the basis of this show.  She says she doesn’t have to write her show, she just waits for it to happen.  O’Loughlin is unique in that she doesn’t narrow her mockery to the older members of her family, she’s perfectly willing to throw her own children in there as well.  Judging the material she presents here it’s fair to say that she’ll never make mother of the year. O’Loughlin is like the funniest friend you could hope to have, honest upfront and witty.  She giggles her delivery but this does nothing to sweeten the bite of her humour.   She makes you laugh despite yourself.  She makes no apologies for being lazy or for lacking the motherly nurturing gene, and her comedy is all the better for it.  The finale of her show is a particular highlight as she recreates a letter she sent to her sister after being subject to a partner imposed phone ban.  This particular segment has the audience practically falling from their seats. If you like your comedy sharp then O’Loughlin’s particular brand of antipodean humour is one you should seek out. ****

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