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Graeme Thomas is Wound Up - One4Review

Graeme Thomas is a young up and coming Scottish comedian, who I have seen a few times over the last year or two at The Stand comedy Club, but I had never seen him do an hour before. As part of the PBH Free Fringe Graeme is hidden away in the Rowan Cave, not the easiest to find even for me a relative local, so this will probably account for the relatively low numbers he has been getting. It can’t have been for the poor quality of his show, as Thomas has some excellent material and is a seasoned enough pro to know how to present it. Material on smoking, car boot sales, TV, Facebook, interviews and his travels are just some of the topics he opines on. The show I saw he averages around twenty, I saw averaged, ‘cause numerous arrived late, some very, very late and a few left early to catch another show. However these were the ones who missed out, as they missed out on some of the gags. I feel that it is a shame that some shows are poorly attended, not that 20 is a bad number, but all the effort that the performer puts in, far bigger numbers would be welcome. There is no charge to get into his show, but as the guys have to eat, a bucket for donations is always there at the end, and a donation is requested on leaving.   ***  

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