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Glenn Wool : Let Your Hands Go - One4Review

Glenn Wool has a certain swagger in his style that I’m growing to appreciate more every year.  He’s loud and brash and crude, but that doesn’t hide the fact that underneath his scruffy exterior there is a razor sharp mind challenging what is going on in the world. Wool started his show by saying that he wasn’t particular bothered by the current financial crisis, but by the end he was railing against bankers and politicians for bailing each other out.  “If bankers looked like me,” he bellowed, “you’d have killed them”.  If any one of us could summon up the passion that Wool displayed to make his points, then the financial sector would be soiling themselves silly. The divorce that he used as the basis for last year’s show was again referred to, but this time Wool focused on how he was adjusting to single life.   This allowed him to work into his set the tale of a booty call gone wrong, which in turn punctuated material on Canada, the new Messiah and punk idols who sell out.  It was a strong set and drew an enthusiastic response from the near sell-out crowd. At one point Wool mentions that all he wants to do is tell jokes and make people laugh.  Trust me; he does so much more than that. ****  

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