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Phill Jupitus & Andre Vincent: Waiting for Alice - One4Review

Why did I just know that this was an adaptation of one of the most boring plays ever written, ‘Waiting for Godot’. Please don’t jump up and down screaming at me, it was a long time ago when I saw this original play and I was bored. So why did I want to See Waiting for Alice, when I suspected its origins? Honestly? The chance to see Phil Jupitus and Andre Vincent! For years Geoff and I have commented on the similarities in these two men. In this show they play Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee who are waiting for someone to pick up the book and reading it to allow Alice to once again visit them. It has been years and years yet Dum lives in hope. On the occasion I went to see the show Phill Jupitus was Dum and Ande Vincent was Dee. It is very cleverly written and full of silly laughs, some of which I don’t think were meant to be laughs. The two actors are similar but when you see them together very different both are superb performers and it is actually a great show. The reason I said who was who is that at the end of each performance they both change characters. Therefore to get the very best out of this show you really need to go twice. ****

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