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Carl Hutchinson: Learning the Ropes 4**** - One4Review

Carl Hutchinson: Learning the Ropes 4****

| On 25, Aug 2015

I wondered a little about going to see this show ‘cause I was in a quandary. I like Carl Hutchinson as a comic I know he delivers a quality well written show, but I am not a fan of wrestling and know absolutely zero about it. However sense took over I went and had a great time and learned a lot along the way.

Hutchinson has a likeable persona and even in a slightly quieter gig makes everyone feel included. He asks the audience members to tell of something in their lives that made then proud of achieving, before saying that in his life apart from being a stand-up he had achieved nothing outstanding.

His one passion from a child till today has been wrestling, yet admitting it is ridiculous, but that is part of the appeal, he sets himself a goal of becoming a pro wrestler. He undergoes a rigorous training regime, parts of which are shown in video clips, to me it looks horrendous!

Hutchinson’s clever use of the clips is not over done we get illustrations of wrestling superstars, lyrics to the anthem, all kinda niche but totally relevant.

Carl has got this just right. A must for wrestling fanatics bit certainly plenty for us who are not. Does he succeed? Go find out for yourselves, it’s an hour well spent.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club 6

Until 30th August

21.10 to 22.10


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