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Waking Up in Trees and Trucks 3*** - One4Review

Waking Up in Trees and Trucks 3***

| On 25, Aug 2015

Trine Munk has a lovely voice, both when she’s singing (I especially liked the one about the economy sung in Danish) and when she’s leading meditations. It’s by turns powerful and melodic, and gentle and unobtrusive, as well as expressive of a sardonic and whimsical wit.

This gentle show is mostly musical, with a notable foray into the problems of immigration from a Danish perspective, supported by excellent visual aids. There were the aforementioned meditations and a miniature musical, my favourite line of which involved three spoons, simply for the image evoked. The opening song was definitely the weakest, but any opening to an audience of three is going to be hairy.

Trine was serene and confident on stage, taking the small audience in her stride to the end that it never felt awkward. The overall impression of the whole thing was of a fun and light-hearted show, with a little bit of audience singing. Lovely.

Reviewed by Laura

George Next Door, 20:15 (untill 28th)

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