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Davey Connor: So There You Go 3*** - One4Review

Davey Connor: So There You Go 3***

| On 25, Aug 2015

Davey Connor is a lovely, funny, Scottish comedian with a laid back, relaxed style of delivery. He is very personable, well written with a lot of personal material and works really well with the audience. Davey tells amusing anecdotes around his life experiences. Mainly these centred on his family and growing up in Paisley, his girlfriend and son, highlighting the difference in parenting now to when he was a child. He also confesses to some of the crazy thoughts and ideas which take up much of his time when left home alone, allegedly writing material and a humorous tale of his adult swimming lessons.

There are lots of laughs throughout his show, and he includes the audience in his discussions with funny, sharp, off the cuff comments along the way. He’s completely at ease on stage and interacting with the crowd who were more than happy to join in and offer information when asked as he doesn’t ridicule anyone, just gently teases.

It wasn’t a packed show I attended but a decent crowd who seemed to appreciate Davey’s set and everyone left happy.


Reviewed by Sharon

Gilded Balloon Study

Until 30th

18.30 to 19.30


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