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George Egg: Anarchist Cook 3*** - One4Review

George Egg: Anarchist Cook 3***

| On 17, Aug 2015

George Egg is a stand-up he informs us, and as such spends a lot of time in hotel rooms and has obviously a lot of time on his hands. And thought things through and has discovered that there is mileage using stuff generally found in a hotel room, minibar, trouser press, iron and even a tray to double as means for him to actually cook a three course meal with a few ingredients he had brought earlier.

The stage is set out as a rough representation of hotel room, Egg resembling a pirate, or mine host at a country pub sets about explaining the premise of the show and then demonstrates the culinary skill whilst the adapted appliances are brought into play. Over the hour he does create a meal, which some of the audience actually get to taste.

This is a novel idea and one cannot discount his culinary skills, but for me it was a demonstration of these rather than a comedy, there was not a lot of laugh out loud moments along the way. There was one exception for me however and I’d never trust him with Soreen.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Balcony

14.45 to 15.45

Until 31st August

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