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Joe Hart: Dirty Rotten Apples 2** - One4Review

Joe Hart: Dirty Rotten Apples 2**

| On 19, Aug 2015

When asked to go and see this show I thought Hmm shouldn’t he be playing for Manchester City not doing a comedy show? But it turned out it was a different Mr Hart, this one a nerdy 22 year old and a So You Think You’re Funny? finalist 2014.

Hart is a personable enough comedian who expounds on the importance of apples in the history of the world. Commencing with the Garden of Eden story, Sir Isaac Newton, Beatles record label and of course computers all come under scrutiny. Of course being the nerd he is Hart has a million facts at his disposal and shares more than a few during the course of his 50 minutes. The tone was set with a pop quiz guessing which name he read out were in fact apples or other things.

I’m afraid for me, and I suspect quite a lot of his audience on the day I attended, I found the show light on real funnies and over heavy on facts and the transitions from sections were rather clunky to the point of jarring. I’m sure he can and will work on this.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Study

Until 31st August

14.45 to 15.35

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