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Angela Barnes – Come as You Are 4 **** - One4Review

Angela Barnes – Come as You Are 4 ****

| On 11, Aug 2015


I think it is fair to say that Angela Barnes is not the biggest fan of herself, but I am equally convinced that after seeing this show and judging the reaction there are a whole load of people who now are.

From a less than ideal childhood being a sickly child and the usual teenage angst led to issues in her early twenties, thankfully mostly behind her Ms Barnes leads us through the hour discussing dating, flirting, sleepwalking, board games, The Archers, her nursing career, a themed hen party, and the gradual acceptance of any shortcoming she may have.

Life is still throwing curve balls at her occasionally but it is not all doom and gloom as she will tell you and the show does deliver a worthy message.

Angela is an engaging comic, she has written an hour of very good material with plenty of light and shade and has a generally easy going delivery style. But she is a stronger person than before I feel and more than capable of dealing with heckles.


Reviewed by Geoff

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