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Rosie Jones: Backward 4**** - One4Review

Rosie Jones: Backward  4****

| On 15, Aug 2019

Rosie ‘Triple Threat’ Jones is a masterly performer, she holds the room in the palm of her hand with buckets of confidence and honesty. The Punchlines are filthy, profane and delivered with a huge grin. Everything is punctuated with knowing looks, straight to camera glances and just the perfect timing to let every joke land. The show follows a day in the life of Rosie Jones, a day in which her heart, head and spirit are broken. The storytelling is both heartbreaking and hilarious. She has become, ‘a big deal this year’, and the show navigates the twin difficulties of being recognised and not recognised when you’ve been on the TV and are a visibly disabled person. She deals with the ‘I’ word and the ‘R’ word with wit, skill and a great reclamation of the latter. There is a
light hearted quality to all the food metaphors for sex and slapstick nature of her fall in Poundland. This all serves to lull us into a false sense of breezy security, before the show really delivers it’s gut punch. Despite her assertions that she’s a ‘prick’ it’s hard not to leave this show totally in love with Rosie Jones.


Reviewed by Sarah

Pleasance Courtyard – Baby Grand

19.00 (1hr) Until 25th

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