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Jonny Pelham: Before and After 4**** - One4Review

Jonny Pelham: Before and After 4****

| On 13, Aug 2015

Before and After is based around Jonny Pelham’s life prior to being told by the NHS they could improve his looks. His dilemma in deciding if lengthy and painful surgery was actually necessary, given he was perfectly happy with how he looked and the subsequent outcome.

Despite being born with numerous health issues and enduring several operations to correct these as a child, Jonny is an optimist and can see the bright side of everything. He even enjoyed a spell in a wheelchair for several months which also helped furnish him with some great comedy anecdotes such as his time spent at Camp Courage and his first stand up gig disaster. He’s even come to appreciate the terrible, Raef from apprentice, gift given to him by his aunt. Having often been the outsider, he was the only white kid in his Bangladeshi street gang, he is very comfortable in his own skin and has a very confident and relaxed style of delivery. Maybe having a therapist for a mother has some benefits.

The show is well worth going to see, hearing Jonny’s experiences is fascinating as well as funny. His claim to fame is he was once the second funniest student in the UK and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him winning further awards in the near future.


Reviewed by Sharon

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