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Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space 4**** - One4Review

Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space 4****

| On 27, Aug 2015

Really funny material is often the riskier material. The man who left my viewing after five minutes called what he saw of the show ‘self-indulgent‘ on twitter, but I rather enjoyed myself and thought the show worth at least the four stars its getting.
This is, however, alternative, surreal, absurd comedy with a penchant for awkward silences (over which Mr Brookes seems reassuringly to have complete control for both creating and rescinding) and a few unnaturally still poses. There’s a time machine, some characters and meta-comedy, a cat, and Jordan’s hilarious attempt to re-capture his Liverpudlian accent, among other strange happenings.
Aside from the material, which will alienate some people (like the person with the iron indifference in the show I saw), Jordan is an assured performer with confidence in his material and the balls to deliver it to the full, despite/because of the audience’s reaction. There’s a little bit of stand-up (though don’t be expecting punch lines on a platter, you have to be awake and appreciating subtleties), which is just enough to demonstrate a facility with conventional comedy and earn the audience’s complicity before going completely off-piste (and changing sports at times).
The effect of the character changes is in highlighting the presence of a stage persona, so if Jordan-on-stage seems a bit avant-garde or even occasionally distasteful, the real him is probably the nice guy standing at the door welcoming you into the show. Try this show if you’re game for anything.

Reviewed by Laura

Just the Tonic @ The Community Project, 13:35

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