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Ushers: The Front of House Musical - 5 stars ***** - One4Review

Ushers: The Front of House Musical – 5 stars *****

| On 31, Aug 2015

…with one star for the venue’s acoustics. Bravo to the exceptionally talented cast for battling against the incredibly difficult conditions in this old church, it’s appreciated.

It’s easy to see how this new musical has come up ‘through the ranks’ to be where it is today, it has everything you need in a camp cheese-fest of entertainment, the straight couple, the gay couple, the dominating boss, the ditsy blonde, the in-jokes, the over-the-top characters, they’re all here.

It’s quite formulaic but there’s nothing bad in that – each character gets their own song, a few company numbers, big featured dance number etc. and it’s all really good. The songs are great, the voices spot on – what you’d expect from a professional cast of course. Similarly the dancing/movement has superb commitment and energy.

The direction is good, I really liked the lighting and the cues were very snappy. The simple live piano was ideal (subject to the dreadful acoustics though) and the set perfectly adequate.

This kind of show however will succeed or fail on its writing and thankfully there’s a lot of quality here. The video segments in particular are clever and witty and I heard a few very contemporary references so it’s good that it is being kept up to date.

Definately a show which will create a following in the future.

Review by Alan.

Momentum Venues @ St Stephens
Until 30th August

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