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2061 - 3*** - One4Review

2061 – 3***

| On 12, Aug 2016

Orwell’s 1984 was written in 1948. In this show, Skelton asks, what would have been the story if this were 2061? The Orwell reference is relevant – the show is a sort of retelling of 1984 with contemporary (to us) references.

Taking as its starting point the Brexit vote (using the actual opening of Radio 4’s Today on 24th June), this show borrows Orwell’s technique of following central character Winston while he learns the uncensored version of history, as an excuse to also tell it to the audience. This works reasonably well, and if you’ve read 1984, you’ll sort of know where the plot is heading (though knowing the book isn’t necessary).

Tom Skelton plays all the characters, except when borrowing a member of the audience would make it funnier. These episodes are well controlled and choreographed by Mr Skelton, so even the most reluctant participant won’t be lost for words. This is theatrical comedy, with a huge variety of targets (many of them political) some of which were so niche I didn’t get them. There were some delightful direct-to-audience asides, and a highly commendable Scottish accent.

The audience I was part of seemed to have a good time – a bubbly bit of fun for an afternoon.

Underbelly Med Quad, 16:30

Reviewed by Laura

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