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A Broad Abroad - D'yan Forest - 2 ** - One4Review

A Broad Abroad – D’yan Forest – 2 **

| On 10, Aug 2016

This 82-year-old New Yorker is certainly sassy broad!
We are treated to stories and songs about her life, most notably her sex life (still going strong even at 82!)
Arriving on stage wearing a glittery beret with the Eiffel Tower stuck on top, D’yan starts the show by telling the audience about her love of Paris. She first visited as an innocent young girl in1958 but that soon changed when she decided to stay and work as a singer in the Parisian nightclubs.
D’yan talks about her trips around the globe, her lovers and experiences (and we’re not talking about local food and wine!) A particular story about a Turkish bath was described in graphic detail.
The way D’yan commands the stage you know that she has had years of experience as a professional cabaret artist. She plays the piano and the ukulele during the show and is word perfect in her songs and monologue, which I think is pretty impressive for someone her age.
However, this show is not everyone’s taste. The chap next to me was clearly very uncomfortable about the act keeping his head down throughout most of it (I think he was looking for an escape hatch in the floor.)

Reviewed by Lynn
A Broad Abroad – D’yan Forest
Olive Studio Greenside Infirmary Street 18:25

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