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The Tap Pack - The Tap Pack Pty Ltd - 3 *** - One4Review

The Tap Pack – The Tap Pack Pty Ltd – 3 ***

| On 10, Aug 2016

The Tap Pack is a group of five Australian guys paying tribute to the 1960’s Rat Pack.
The evening starts with one of the pack playing a Cajun box drum. The audience were soon encouraged to clap along to the beat and a member of the audience was even invited on stage to do some drumming of their own.
The show is set in a New York bar where the guys go through routines that include singing, dancing and comedy.
The Pack delivered a great choice of songs originally sung by the Rat Pack, along with a selection of modern songs (the sketch where two of the guys were involved in a sing off was excellent.)
However, the highlight of the show was their incredible tap dancing, notably a fitting tribute to dance heroes such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. There was also a great showcase that involved tap dancing on stairs.
Props such as pool cues and beer bottles were used well and like the original Rat Pack, there was some cheeky banter throughout, although sometimes this fell a bit flat. However, the atmosphere was kept lively, as the audience were encouraged to clap along to the beat.
This was an entertaining evening that suited all ages.

Reviewed by Lynn

The Tap Pack
Assembly George Square Theatre 19:00

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