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Comedy Club 4 Kids 3*** - One4Review

Comedy Club 4 Kids 3***

| On 13, Aug 2016

Comedy Club 4 Kids is becoming a Fringe institution, as a great way for adults and children to enjoy stand up together.

Our host was Lee Kyle, an engaging man who got the children calling out excitedly, fully engaged with the show, and the chief rule: that everyone should have a great time.

The first performer on was Mitch Benn, who was doing a song just for this show, using information provided by the audience. A pet, a hobby and a name. Benn, and these words, all reappeared later.

The first full act, Fay Treacy was a trombonist, and proud member of the London Vegetable Orchestra. She introduced a number of the children to her home-made instruments – mainly based on the contents of a good ratatouille, but also Treacy’s own favourite, a butternut squash. It was crazy. It was more vegetables than we’re led to believe exist in Scotland. It was fun.

After Kyle joined in by playing his teeth and face, he brought on a young act, trained by Comedy Club 4 Kids. Sixteen year old Harry was a confident performer, who dealt well with audience interaction, and had a few strong puns.

Finally the return of Mitch Benn with his new work of art “Jerry the Hamster Goes For a Swim”. Other hits included “There are no sweary words in this song”, Star Wars impressions, a Minecraft song, and the life of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

It was fun. It was a pity to have the two musical acts on the same day, as more standard stand-up was what I was expecting, but didn’t get. Nonetheless, Comedy Club 4 Kids is fun, safe to take your kids to, and entertaining for young and old alike.

Reviewed by Gill
Assembly Roxy
To 28th Aug 17:35

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