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Doug Segal -I Can Make You Feel Good 4**** - One4Review

Doug Segal -I Can Make You Feel Good  4****

| On 14, Aug 2016

Doug Segal returns to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with a show designed to make you feel good, which can’t be a bad thing, and it certainly wasn’t.
Doug’s show was full of mind tricks and jokes that got the audience completely engaged.
Prior to the show the audience were asked to complete a card with their name, what makes you happy and something that no one else knows about you. Be careful what you write because despite Doug being blindfolded with about half a role of tape covering the blindfold, he successfully identifies people in the audience and reads out what has been written on their card.
He invited members of the audience to the stage to do various tasks to demonstrate some theories about what makes you feel good, for example thinking positive thoughts provides positive outcomes. These were demonstrated well, leaving the audience and the people taking part completely baffled as to how these mindreading tricks worked.
Doug’s show is quirky, fun and clever. He certainly succeeded in making this audience feel good as he led a conga out the Voodoo Rooms at the end of his show.

Reviewed by Lynn
The Voodoo Rooms 19:50

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