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Katia Kvinge Squirrel 3*** - One4Review

Katia Kvinge  Squirrel 3***

| On 15, Aug 2016

The Counting House Loft gives new meaning to the word intimate and hence becomes a sauna within seconds, also it has a very small performance space especially for someone as effervescent as Katia Kvinge. This half Norwegian half American with a Scottish accent seems to have boundless energy and a fertile imagination.
Probably best known for character comedy, and she is good at accents, she tells us that she has written two shows a normal one and a stand up one which are to be shoe horned into proceedings.
And she is off. 100 mph from a standing start with a set packed with delightful nonsense, impressions, personal revelations, funny jokes and audience interaction. Yes there is a lot of well written stuff however also some material that didn’t quite cut it with the crowd, but all delivered with frenetic pace and smiling enthusiasm.
The concept of the two shows within one worked, I am not sure however that she needed to announce which section she was in, for me at least it was plainly obvious.
Definitely Ms Kvinge has loads of potential and I look forward to seeing her progression.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon at the Counting House Attic
15.00 to 16.00
Until 29th (not 16th)

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