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Lewis Macleod is Not Himself 4**** - One4Review

Lewis Macleod is Not Himself 4****

| On 17, Aug 2016

You may not, as he says, know his face, but you’ll definitely know Mr Macleod’s voice. Except, it may not be his voice you know since you’d only have heard a voice, and not seen him speak it. He’s so good at doing the impressions how would you know if it was actually him you’d previously heard and he’s not impersonating now? Either way, he’s extremely good and had the audience in stitches.

Beginning with a trip through various voices he can do or has done, and a bit of discourse on what makes them work for particular roles, he moves on through to how he himself uses them, ending with the telling of a fairy-tale. Every impression he does is absolutely spot-on, and he doesn’t bring out anything less than perfect. There’s enough variety and frequency of material that you definitely feel like you got what you came for – without feeling like Lewis was just a conduit.

A relaxed and confident performer, who doesn’t seem to quite believe how fascinating and impressive the audience find his particular talent.

Frankenstein Pub, 18:40 (until 21st)

Reveiwed by Laura

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