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Macho Like Me: 4**** - One4Review

Macho Like Me: 4****

| On 17, Aug 2016

The multi-talented, Korean born, Helie Lee has many strings to her bow, Author, Documentary Filmmaker and Speaker, however she was still a disappointment to her parents, as far as they were concerned time was running out for her to find a husband and have children. Disillusioned with relationships with men, and annoyed at the pressure placed on and the disrespect of women in her culture who are not married, Helie decided to go on a journey to explore gender and masculinity by living life as a man for a while. After all they have it much easier.
This show takes us on an insightful journey with Helie as she narrates her story, with documentary footage in the background and a few costume changes along the way. We see Helie’s commitment to her transformation to Harry, as she tries to look and behave as macho as she can. We are taken through many different situations with H in their new life and as the thought provoking journey progresses Helie is made to question her sexuality and gains some awareness of the world of both gay and straight men.
This was an extremely funny, entertaining hour which invokes a whole range of emotions. There are many laughs, both from Helie’s storytelling or when either her parents or David her employer are on screen.

Reviewed by Sharon
Gilded Balloon Dining Room
12.30 to 13.30
Until 29th


  1. AsISeeIt

    I loved this show. It was funny, showed deep empathy for the opposite sex and Helie Lee is charming. I highly recommend seeing this show, especially if you are a woman, man, gay, straight, Asian, Caucasian, Black, White, Latino and other! Everyone will learn something while laughing all the way!

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