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Mitch Benn – Don’t Fear the Reaper 4**** - One4Review

Mitch Benn – Don’t Fear the Reaper 4****

| On 20, Aug 2016

Like many comics the last 12 months haven’t been the best for this hugely talented funny man. Benn is a favourite on Radio Four but in my opinion is better live when he can give free flow to his abilities.
Comedy aside he is a huge music and science fiction fan, famed for his often irreverent comedy songs linked with his rapid fire linking material.
His show title selected way back in 2015 has the obvious death connotations and given the who’s who of celebrity deaths in 2016, the show title was portentous and gave him plenty of scope with his intelligent and funny writing both of music and gags.
He expounds on trying not to die at the same time as a more famous person, Royal succession, jobs for life such as the pope, before going into slightly darker stuff in his personal life, with break up songs, Babe Station, running 10ks getting honourable mentions.
And of course it wouldn’t be a Mitch Benn hour without him demonstrating live looping using his iPhone app would it
This is a must see afternoon show but beware tickets are probably hard to come by.
Reviewed by Geoff
14.50 to 15.50
Stand 6
Until 28th

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