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Thom:Foolery with Thom Tuck 3*** - One4Review

Thom:Foolery with Thom Tuck 3***

| On 08, Aug 2016

This is a compilation show: Thom Tuck, and two other thomedians, who also happen to be called Thom, or a variation thereof. Today we saw Tom Toal and Tomas Ford, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and genial hour, if a little startling at times.

Mr Tuck is an excellent performer in his own right (doing, for the most part, his own thing, which definitely isn’t ‘traditional’ stand-up, in case you’ve never seen him) and a lovely compere. He’s set himself the challenge of repeating neither Thoms nor material during the run (confession to one repetition of the first, but no comment on the second). He started out with some bits from previous shows, which remain excellent, but gradually got more Thom-like until a mic stand collapse had him posing on stage in such a manner I don’t believe is ever likely to be repeated. But it is Thom Tuck, so you never know.

Mr Toal was chatty and friendly, telling anecdotes about being a father and about his own father. He was confident and relaxed on stage, and if his proper show is as good as this set, he’s definitely worth seeing.

Mr Ford was startling, but then he explained what he was up to so that was fine. His main show is his versions of crap songs, and we were treated to a few choice morsels. With the right audience, that show will probably be really good fun: this audience was a bit bemused, though game.

Relaxed and fun and has Thom Tuck.

Dragonfly, 15:00

Reviewed by Laura

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