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Anya Anastasia: Rogue Romantic - 4 **** - One4Review

Anya Anastasia: Rogue Romantic – 4 ****

| On 06, Aug 2017

The show is set in a cabaret club with Anya already draped over the piano as the audience take their seats for the show.
An extremely witty talented songwriter and singer, the audience are treated to an evening that covers her emotional rollercoaster in her need for love.
She very quickly includes the audience in her act, doing a handstand at one guy’s tables asking him to remove her pants and getting another member of the audience to tape maracas to her legs. She proceeds to find her One True Love (for now) moving to different members of the audience until she finds that none of them are quite what she is looking for, which is someone called Enrique. However, planned or not, there is a member in the audience called Enrique who is invited onto the stage so she can serenade him, asking the question – do you love me or do I need to buy you more drinks? Finally the conclusion is that she will no longer make self sacrifice for love as she stands on the piano whilst still managing to play it and invites members of the audience to come and join in.
Throughout the show Anya is accompanied by her band of talented musicians, who are also included in her on stage antics.

Reviewed by Lynn
Assembly Checkpoint
August 4th – 27th (except 14th)

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