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Ben Target's Orangeade 4**** - One4Review

Ben Target’s Orangeade 4****

| On 17, Aug 2017

If Mr Target ever decides comedy isn’t his thing anymore, he could forge an excellent career as a corporate team-builder. His subtle, unassuming manner and methods mean that within fifteen minutes of the show starting you’re happily sat with your arm round a stranger coming up with hypothetical band names. There were some pretty good ones.

If you like your personal space to remain uninvaded, this is perhaps not the show for you, what with the hugging and the oranges and the band names. But if you like gentle surrealism and afternoon absurdity, Ben is your comic. He’s utterly in control of what’s going on, and takes himself so far into the silly that the audience feel batting bananas around the room is quite normal and participate enthusiastically.

Though you can’t be sure how much of the show has any link with reality (like the contributions of childhood memories from his brother – made up? Real? A mix of both?), it doesn’t seem to matter, because the whole mish mash of apparently miscellaneous nonsense seems to just work, and you come out feeling like you’ve had a good time.

Heroes @ Dragonfly, 17:00

Reviewed by Laura

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