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Pam Ford: Pants and Pantsability 3*** - One4Review

Pam Ford: Pants and Pantsability 3***

| On 10, Aug 2017

Pam Ford is a quirky Brummie brought up in Australia, now living in the home counties. She’s led a varied life, with plenty of challenges, not least, being brought up full of British inability to ask for help and support.

As an adult, through varied careers, she’s also worked her way through a range of self help books, somehow just trying to make life better – from Dr Ruth, through Men are from Mars…, the Alchemist – she’s even gone in for the full Tony Robbins experience. Always searching to make her life better, but brought up to be totally independent and not need help.

Until one day, she was finally forced to accept support, and in doing so, slowly create a life that makes her – and those she works with – happy.

I’m trying not to give spoilers, so I wont tell you just how important the pants are. Music plays a vital role too. Overall, I’ll stick with saying it’s a show full of emotional ups and downs, but with a feel good ending. I couldn’t quite imagine anything else from the fabulous Pam Ford.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe
11:15 – 12:10
Until 27th (not 15th)

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