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George Egg: DIY Chef 4**** - One4Review

George Egg: DIY Chef 4****

| On 26, Aug 2017

I can imagine this being an excellent show for a work night out, or it being booked for corporate social events: the subject matter has relatively wide appeal (everyone eats), and Mr Egg is an excellent performance chef. The fact that he makes poached egg with a wallpaper steamer is just another dimension of brilliance.

This was rather similar to watching a TV cooking show, but much better because it was live – and you could smell it – and because there’s very little in the way of conventional kitchen equipment. George manages to keep talking all the time he’s cooking (which is impressive in itself), and it’s a good balance between explaining what he’s doing and how it works, and some really entertaining and genuinely funny comedy.

It’s also quite inspiring: if George can make breakfast, lunch and dinner with power tools, in an hour, and on a stage in front of an audience, the surely I can manage at home with a fairly well equipped kitchen? He also appears passionate about the cooking and the food and flavours, and passion is almost always infectious.

The show has a good concept, and is well-executed. The food looked good, and was available to taste after the show so you could make sure it was as good as it looked.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 16:15

Reviewed by Laura

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