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Pat Cahill: The Fisherman 3*** - One4Review

Pat Cahill: The Fisherman 3***

| On 26, Aug 2017

I really enjoyed the start of this show and would have been quite happy had in continued for an hour in the same vein. It didn’t, but what followed was also fun.

Pat, he explains, has done the feely shows and has had enough, so this one is just for fun. It started with some genuinely interesting discourse on fishing – a brief explanation of the different types, how Pat got started – and then we went through some detours with ‘poems set to music’, let the black dog of instant gratification out for a few runs, and ended, finally, with a rather lovely (though unexpected) catch of the day.

Mr Cahill has a rather fine singing voice, (especially during his song to the baby rudd) and a well-developed and rather dry sense of what’s funny. He delivers his material with confidence and conviction, and dealt particularly well with the man who needed to leave five minutes after the show started.

Heroes @ Monkey Barrell, 14:50

Reviewed by Laura

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