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Jay Lafferty Besom 5***** - One4Review

Jay Lafferty  Besom 5*****

| On 14, Aug 2017

For those who are aware of the Scottish Comedy scene will almost certainly know Jay Lafferty as she has been performing for more than a decade and yet this is her first year doing an Edinburgh show.
Ms Lafferty breezes onto her stage, exhibiting all the confidence, but not arrogance, of the pro she is and being a compere to trade is immediately in to crowd work, find out about the crowd showcasing her of the cuff abilities before moving on to the substance of her show.
Besom is an old Scottish word used for a female mischievous child, a troublesome adolescent even a lady of ill repute and a term she has been labelled with as a child especially by her wee granny. But is there a male equivalent? She is still looking for one.
The material she offers is beautifully observed, delightfully written and delivered in a cheery inclusive manner, but beware that angelic smile, there is a wee bit of devil lurking behind it.
Jay talks about feminism, social pressures, expectations and resilience, also her family and in-laws illustrating each topic with anecdotes and managing to draw laugh out loud moments throughout her all too short hour.
She claims as a compere she is used to playing second fiddle to her headliner comedian husband. Hmm maybe not anymore. I went into the show confident it would be a good performance, however Jay Lafferty totally smashed it out of the park.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre Attic
20.30 to 21.30
Until 28th (not 14th)

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