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Chris Turner: What A Time To Be Alive 4**** - One4Review

Chris Turner: What A Time To Be Alive 4****

| On 14, Aug 2017

Chris Turner is a nice white middle class young man from Yorkshire . . oh and he raps!  Yes.  He raps.  He freestyle raps and he is very good at it!

As we enter the venue, each audience member is given a U.S. Customs and Borders form with a blank comments box in which we are invited to insert a word or phrase.  It is a testament to his talent as a freestyle improv rapper that towards the end of the show and providing quite literally a grand finale; he randomly selects the suggestions and performs a very impressive dam fine rap!

This is, indeed, what sets Chris Turner apart from other accomplished young stand ups.  He has a very relaxed conversationalist style.  He eloquently describes moving to Los Angeles.  The actual moving, as in his experience of U.S. Customs and excise, and the actual residing in the country with Mr Trump at the helm.

He is, unashamedly middle class.  He freely admits that he has his parents to thank, for basically bank rolling his first five years, as he carved out a career as a comedian.

We should all be thankful.  Chris Turner is a talented performer.  He performs with the ease, confidence and maturity of someone who has perfected the craft over many years.

reviewed by Margot
Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs)
21.45 to 22.45
Until 27th

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