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AAA stand- up late at Gilded Balloon 3*** - One4Review

AAA stand- up late at Gilded Balloon 3***

| On 14, Aug 2017

AAA stand- up late Gilded Balloon Wee room 12.08.17
3*** good value

The show was sold out as the Kiwi bloke at the back of the room kept reminding us. His well natured banter kept it all going smoothly as the place filled up.
Surprise! He was the first act, and host. Indeed Sully O’Sullivan is a multi-faceted entertainer. He told us tales about life on the comedy trail in the UK. On finding a nice Aussie couple in the audience he predictably unleashed his convict jokes.
He ended by showing us another talent ~ a unique twist on crowd surfing.

Next up was Stephanie Laing. With her parents in the audience, did she hold back? Did she modify the adult only stuff? Nope, she upped the filth lever to the highest notch, she even reminded her poor parents which particular boyfriend she was describing “mum you remember Dimitri”!

Liam Pickford:
Liam is a big lad with striking presence on stage. He commands a range of voices from the helium to the scary. At the slightest provocation, he breaks into beautiful monologues cleverly observing the north south divide. He has the great timing and the classic delivery of a veteran performer.

Reviewed by Rob
Gilded Balloon Wee room
23.00 to 24.00
Until 28th

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