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John Robins – The Darkness of Robins 4**** - One4Review

John Robins – The Darkness of Robins 4****

| On 23, Aug 2017

This is basically the story of John Robins’ life, post break-up and how he is coping… or not on occasions. He doesn’t blame her he would leave himself if he could.

It is not a rant, it is not totally therapy yet maybe a little I think, it is a genuinely funny man still very raw with what has happened and even worse what still is to come.
His new singledom gives him time for staring, buying stuff he wants, not searching for the iPhone charger, it gives him time to make a pros and cons list it gives him time to recall memories. Those topics may seem downers, but with the intelligent writing and the jokes he delivers, Robins almost defies us not to laugh at his situation.
Moving on from this he has opinions on his careful selection of only eight friends, display lentils, the disappearance of female pubic hair, Brompton bikes and ‘friends of friends’ together with a car-crash of a trip to Ikea.
Robins moves seamlessly from one topic to another, never letting the energy he creates falter, culminating in his reworking of a building society ad in conclusion.
A great hour in the company of an extremely good comedian, catch it if you can.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Cabaret Bar
18.40 to 19.35
Until 27th

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