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Micky Overman :- Role Model 3*** - One4Review

Micky Overman :- Role Model 3***

| On 09, Aug 2018


Micky Overman is a Dutch comedian, albeit one that has spent a lot of time in Canada and has a bit of Irish in her. She’ll explain, and is doing her Edinburgh debut hour within the bowel of The Pleasance Courtyard.

Ms Overman is a refreshingly honest, often self-deprecating performer who has her story to tell, and with her pleasing delivery style and well written set it is an hour that will entertain.

Starting with some of her back story and blending these episodes with her other job as a nanny to a 13 year old Ms Overman regales with stories of being dumped, Australian trip which was never going to be good, her failed relationships, the difference in her upbringing and that of Frankie her charge, who had a Strictly themed birthday party for example. Micky has always had an obsession with Julie Andrews and particularly The Sound of Music – is there a comparison with her own situation? But expect vampire fiction, Little Mix, Sex Education and an Alanis Morrisette interlude too. And it ends with a funny and touching conclusion.

This was a very pleasant and enjoyable hour spent in her company. I’m sure that we will see much more of her over the coming years.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Bunker 2

22.30 to 23.30

Until 26th (not 13th)

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