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Lucy Beaumont :- Space Mam 3.5*** - One4Review

Lucy Beaumont :- Space Mam 3.5***

| On 20, Aug 2019

It has been a long five years since Hull born comic Lucy Beaumont performed at the Fringe and a lot has happened in that period she has moved to Surrey, had a baby and now moved back up north into a rural village, she is nearer to her family and of course her hairdresser as well, but occasionally misses stuff from down south.
Ms Beaumont is suffering heavily from sleep deprivation, could this be why she ‘mistakes’ the front row, allocating them names of her neighbours… and she knows a lot of their secrets too. As a post-natal depression sufferer as well, Lucy shares some experiences and has an idea or two about breast feeding to share.
Lucy’s delivery is down to earth and believable most of the time, it’s like hearing a mate talking to you, there are some nice ideas, it is well written and of course with her endearing personality, a pleasure to listen to.
However it is not a laugh out loud show all the time, although there is plenty of humour in the writing to keep the audience interested, and it is readily believable, well perhaps except the Alien visit.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Upstairs
16.45 to 17.45
Until 25th

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