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Zoe Lyons : Entry Level Human 5***** - One4Review

Zoe Lyons : Entry Level Human 5*****

| On 20, Aug 2019

Zoe Lyons is a huge talent. A great story teller and an energetic performer. We are in one of the larger venues; the Debating Hall and soon this large space is filled with laughter as Zoe bounds on to the stage. Zoe has an infectious warm personality and engages the audience immediately with her self deprecating style of humour that invites you into her world.

Zoe’s world is a home in Brighton which she shares with her Dutch wife; who we learn is useless at buying surprise gifts. Or does the problem lie with Zoe and her managing, or mismanagement, of her own personal expectations? We explore the possibility of life being generally much better and simpler, for all concerned, if we could all just manage our expectations.

Many of Zoe’s theories on life are explained. People crave space and that is ultimately why we will all eventually ideally live in a bungalow! Then there is coffee drinking and the revelation of discovering the flat white! Who knew you could be so easily converted after years of latte drinking!

The title of the show; Entry Level Human is another of Zoe’s theories. These beings, are in fact, all around us. These humans are generally not firing on all cylinders and are very capable of having many many off days.

There are many entry level average comedians. Zoe is not one of them!

Hilarious hour of comedy.

Reviewed by Margot
Gilded Balloon (Debating Hall)
At 21:00 until August 21st

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