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Tom Houghton: That’s What I Go To School For 4**** - One4Review

Tom Houghton: That’s What I Go To School For 4****

| On 03, Aug 2019

There can be no doubt that Tom Houghton had a privileged upbringing. His father was the Chief of the Military in the UK and lives in the Tower of London for God’s sake. He was one of the 7% of the elite who attended top class private schools where this dogma was drummed into them from the age of 6. Yes really. Six!
But was this privilege? Being separated from parents from such an early age, being forced into single sex schooling, being isolated in a bubble like environment, forced to play rugby and attend church?
Houghton bounds onto stage and despite of what seems a constant stream of latecomers, leads straight into his material on the public school system relating stories, events, pranks and his characters as only he can. Very well observed and funny, even if slightly un-PC, but it’s only ‘bants’ and it was the nineties right? There is also an analogy as to why public school is very similar to religion, very clever in construction and delivery.
But there is more. It is not just an ex public school kid having a blast with reminiscences, he questions things he has been told, tries to reintegrate into the real world and maybe offers up a solution. It could be that Houghton is not ‘just the posh tw*t’ that he thinks he gives the vibe of.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Jackdome
20.10 to 21.10
Until 25th (not12th)

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